All The ‘Judges Leap To Their Feet After Tear-Jerking ‘Butterfly Song’ on America’s Got Talent

Nearly everyone who performs on a show like America’s Got Talent sings one of their favorite songs. Judge’s usually don’t like it when people sing originals because they have nothing to compare it to.

Contestant Nolan Neal breaks the normals by getting on stage and singing one of his own songs. The tear-jerking lyrics about love and loss will have just about anyone deep in their emotions.

Not only were the judge’s okay with his original, they were in LOVE with it. His passionate vocals mixed with the calming acoustic guitar make for the perfect rainy day tune. Without hesitation, they all stood for an ovation as he finished his performance.

Musicians like Nolan don’t come around too often. There is something sweet and humble about this man that’s making viewers fall in love. Here’s to hoping he has the successful career he deserves.