Alsatian stays with woman for months, then man visits and dog’s reaction is priceless

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend. The love that a dog can offer is priceless and comes with no expectations or boundaries. These beautiful creatures will protect their owners even at the risk of their own safety without any hesitation. They are the most loyal and loving of any domestic animal.

Meet Freya the German shepherd. Now Freya has been living with her guardian, a lovely woman, for many months and has become very comfortable around her. They have a mutual love for each other that is so easy to see.

German Shepherds are known for their protective nature, so when a stranger came visiting, Freya was on the alert straight away. When Freya’s keeper came home on this particular day, she could sense that something was not right. There was another person close by that she knew was not normally there.

When the door was opened, rather than great her guardian as she normally would, Freya ran straight past her and at the strange man in the garden. As you watch the video it is easy to assume that the protective canine is about to warn off the stranger in her home, but on realizing just who that person is her reaction changes straight away and will have your heart crying in delight.

Freya, reunited with her owner, is immediately in raptures as she realizes who the stranger is. We sometimes think that animals don’t have emotions like humans, but after watching this beautiful reunion between master and beast you can only think that there is much more to our four legged friends than meets the eye.

Click the video below to have your day made a little brighter.