Alzheimer’s Doesn’t Stop This Incredible Couple’s Love. Their Story Had Me In TEARS!

Some stories are too heartrending and emotional not to share them. This particular case almost brought me to tears before the video was even finished, so you better get your paper napkins ready for this one!

Millie, the woman in the video, has Alzheimer’s disease. As you probably know already, this condition is very hard and painful not just for the patient, but for their loved ones and everyone around them, too. Her husband, Patrick, loves her as much as he did when they first met, and even though he’s handicapped and has to use a wheelchair, that doesn’t stop him from giving her all the love that he can!

As he speaks on the video, he remembers all the times they spent together and the way their relationship was when they were just teenagers. Now, they’ve been married for 76 years, and they both live in a nursing home. Pat has to see her wife some days without her recognizing him at all, and even though it’s sad and painful, it doesn’t hurt their love one bit. When you see how their last anniversary was, with all her memories coming back to her, you’ll be moved to tears for sure!

Watch this tearful and shocking story in the video right below!

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