This Amazing Cat Cafe Takes Care of Abandoned Cats While They Are Waiting To Be Adopted

Cats are the best thing ever.  They also often need our help as a result of many pets ending up abandoned for one reason or another.

It’s always an unfortunate situation when our adorable feline friends can’t find a home, but it’s even worse when so many of them end up being euthanized

Japan, like many countries, puts down a large number of cats every day, but one organization called Neco Republic is trying to put an end to all of that, and the best part is, you can help just by stopping by their cat cafe and enjoying the company of a few adorable kitties!

We wanted to know more about Neco Republic and their plan to save Japan’s homeless cats, so we stopped by the new Tokyo location and sat down with the branch manager. To learn more about Neco Republic and to see more cute cats than you can shake your tail at, take a look below!

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