Amazing Comedian Leaves Us Too Early! A Look Back on His Beautiful Gifts to Us.

There are many deaths that shock us. Hollywood is known for being flashy and unfortunately, some deaths can take on the same quality. Tragic, but proof they were going too fast. They were abusing something or just couldn’t leave a state of mind behind. Ryan Dunn’s tragic demise sent ripples throughout his close circle of friends. Some never recovered and they may never. Life is hard, always will be, but with time most things can get better. Wounds will heal and the pain will dissipate.

When your job entails making, people laugh, there’s always a darker twinge to the sadness. Someone who brought so much laughter and joy, someone who made such an immense footprint in all our hearts. The resulting sadness from the loss of their presence can be hard to get over. It can leave you in some dark places without a bit of help.

Robin William’s tragic death left everyone with that same hole. The amazingly accomplished comedian has had a long history of impacting our lives in the warmest and silliest ways. From in Living Color to Disney’s classic Aladdin, William’s hilarious takes on each amazing role he donned brought us to tears. From Good Morning Vietnam to Death to Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin’s always found a quirky way to tackle the roles of characters in situations that seemed sometimes, like more work than just taking the correct course of action. Yet, to stop trying to lighten people up around him, would probably had led to a timelier demise than it ended up being.

The unfortunate death however, seems to have been misreported- the actual cause of death left unreleased for the longest time. Upon autopsy, you won’t believe what they found!

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