This amazing dad had a difficult day. But what he does when he gets home is just incredible!

Work is not always easy to carry, and often, there are some situations that cause stress and moodiness after our job is done. But what is important as parents is to leave these bad experiences in the office and come home ready to share with our families and especially with our children, who patiently await our arrival.

He was a carpenter, and I had hired him to help me repair a country house. His first day at work was very difficult for him and everything seemed to go wrong. When he came to work, a tire of his car exploded and this made it late, his tool stopped working properly and then his car did not want to start.

As he was facing so many difficulties with his car, I decided to help him and took him home.  It was late, and I was sure he would not be able to fix the car.

As soon as we got home, my employee invited me to meet his whole family. On our way, when we were walking to the front door, he found a tree, spread his hands and touched his leaves with his hands. After opening the door of the house, I could observe its incredible transformation. His face filled with laughter, looked at his wife tenderly and gave many hugs to his children, who waited for him.

After spending a moment in the place, I decided it was time to leave, and he accompanied me to my car.  As we walked, I could not resist the need to ask the reason why he had touched the tree upon entering.

And he answered: “That one is my problem`s tree!” I am sure there will always be problems at work, but these problems are not my wife or my children, so when I get home, I hang my problems in the tree, and in the morning I picked them again and look for solutions “.

Watch the video and know the secret of this smart man.  It will blow you away!  And make your comments to know what you think about!