This Amazing Disney Animator Made An Incredible Tribute For Cecil The Lion! I’m Tearing Up!

There are news stories around that world that move us. In this new era of technology that has allowed for a globalized world we are able to empathize and react to these current events. This happened with the case of Cecil the Lion who was hunted and killed illegally for sport by a dentist in Minnesota. Aaron Blaise, an artist and animator at Disney for 21 years, decided to chime in.

Blaise has worked on many of the company’s classic motion pictures including  Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan. More importantly, he worked on Disney’s, The Lion King. Given all the media attention on Cecil the Lion, perhaps the negativity and criticism from the media and general public is somewhat warranted, however some have taken it way too far.

Aaron found it very sad that people were calling for acts of violence against Cecil’s killer. So, to combat all this negativity and hatred, Aaron created his very own tribute to Cecil. And he did it in a way that only he could.

Check out the touching tribute that this prolific artist came up with to conserve this brave animal’s noble spirit. Inspired by Mufasa’s infamous apparition, you’ll definitely enjoy this beautiful video showing his process.

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