This Amazing Friendship Between An Elephant And A Dog Will MELT Your Heart!

Known as one of the most majestic and intelligent animals in the world, elephants are characteristically sociable and friendly. They form very deep relationships with the members of their herd. But when they’re held in captivity, their social circles can expand and vary in interesting ways. For example, we’ve featured a video just below, where you can see an elephant who wasn’t able to resist to the best friend you could have: a dog! Tarra became best friends with Bella, a dog who lived with her in the animal shelter.

They developed a very strong bond over the years, and it was put to test when tragedy struck. Bella suffered from a back injury that kept her in bed for weeks, unable to get up or to hang out with Tarra. That’s when you see something unbelievable: not letting her best friend alone, this kind elephant waited outside Bella’s window every day to comfort her and help her recover. I’ve never seen something like this! Who knew elephants and dogs could become such great friends?

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