“Her Mamma Passed Away And She Sang This Song FOR HER. Get Your Tissues Ready.”

You’ve never heard “Amazing Grace” like this.

Anyone who has lost a parent could relate to this young girl’s pain and agony. She truly pours her heart out in what could be considered a very moving and beautiful tribute in this amazing video.

This tribute featured on the video took place when five years ago. Now at the age of twelve Rhema has made a name for herself as a Gospel singer in the state of Texas, and has a strong faith in God. She also keeps her mother whom she lost to Ovarian Cancer near and dear to her heart.

Her story and tribute is an inspirational story of a young girl who found the courage to move on after a devastating loss at such a young age and using her gift of song to inspire others. https://youtu.be/DDDlxmsciqY So, take a look a Rhianna Marvanne’s amazing inspirational performance for yourself. If you love it and it moved you as much as it did us leave your comments below.