Amazing hack helps to open your car when your key is lost

I remember a time when a friend of work let the purse and all the keys inside of her vehicle, the door accidentally closed after somebody called to talk to her seconds before she was entering the car, she was really desperate because almost everybody had left the building and she had a long way to go back to her house. When she asked for my help the first thing I told her was, how could this happen? But no matter the cause, the only thing to do was to move on and try opening her car without the keys.

Both of us had zero experience in this kind of situation but our needs were greater than our knowledge. At first, we tried forcing the lock a little bit but it didn’t work out at all, in fact, I think we broke part of the locking mechanism. Then we decided to use a thin wire to try grabbing the lock button but this tool in particular didn’t have too much grip at the tip, so the strategy was in vain.

After attempting 2 or 3 things more, we gave up and waited for someone to bring the spare keys of the car. If only I had known there was a better way to do it, right? That’s exactly why we are going to show you a useful trick to help you out in this type of situation. Due to its simplicity, it will only take a minute of your time to understand how this simple hack works and we guarantee is totally worthy.

The man on the next video explains in detail how it’s done; the only material needed is a simple piece of string maybe about 2 meters long and considerable thickness to support the force we are going to apply on it. Once you got the cord the next thing you will do is to make an arrangement like the one is showed in the video, this will allow you to elaborate a noose with an easy close capability.

With those previous steps done we are ready to apply our amazing technique on the car. We are going to carefully introduce the cord through the corner of the car door sliding in very slowly, we don’t want to undo the noose. Once we do that, we are going to pull one side of the string at a time trying to approach the noose to the button of the door, when we are close to it we just have to close it, pull the button and “Voila” the door is open.

With this useful hack, worrying about losing your keys is part of the past. If you want to watch the full tutorial to see how they perform this handy trick just click play on the video below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave your comment on our section.