This Amazing Initiative Provides Therapy Dogs To Help Child Abuse Victims Testify!

Dogs are truly amazing and noble creatures. They go above and beyond in helping humans as their best friend! Proof of this is how they collaborate in different kinds therapies and as working dogs. They also are crucial during rescue efforts. The following video shows yet another aspect of how dogs can be helpful.

There are plenty of amazing stories of dogs supporting humans in abstract dimensions. For example, instances of dogs who help kids with special needs or that suffer from different levels of autism aren’t unheard of, as well as dogs being excellent baby sitters to infants.

Courthouse Dogs is nonprofit organization that believes that dogs have the emotional intelligence and capabilities to ease nerves and tensions. This is especially important for children who are needed to testify in court. Testifying in court is already a nervous and pressure situation for adults, so I can only imagine how traumatizing it must be to a child, especially if its a case of child abuse or any other case that involves a child as a victim.

Courthouse dogs advocates that dogs are able to make the victim more relaxed and more likely to tell the truth with confidence!

Check out the video for more information.

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