This Amazing Irish Old Country Singer Does An Amazing Performance Of “Gold And Silver Days”. WOW!

The famous singer Philomena Begley is known for having a pretty interesting story when she started out as a full time musician. She was dared to get on stage while a band was performing to sing with them, and she did so without a second thought. Instead of being stopped by the security team, they let her stay to sing, because the band loved her performance too much. So much, in fact, that they invited her to play with them, and they eventually released three albums together, and even made the top hit “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”.

As the 70’s progressed, so did her career, and she toured the entire United States, enchanting everyone with the beautiful sound of her voice and the interesting aesthetic of the old country music style. She has so much soul in her delivery, you’ll be breathless after her performance finishes!

The famous Irish singer broke hearts all across the world during the span of her career. Even if you’ve never heard her before, you won’t believe your ears. The following video features her performing a cover version of the song “Gold and Silver Days”, originally by Phil Coulter, and it’s stunning.

Don’t miss this brilliant singer in the embedded video right below!

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