This amazing lady has done a lot for elephants, including singing lullabies

In fairy tales and children’s stories, animals have an ear for music. Just consider the Pied Piper of Hamelin whose flute playing mesmerized the town’s entire rat population. Or to take another example, think of all the singing and dancing animals that have appeared in animated movies. But in real life? And what about elephants?

The answer to the question about elephants and music can be found at the Elephant Nature Park near Chang Mai in northern Thailand. It’s a rescue and rehabilitation center for various kinds of animals, but elephants are their real specialty. It was founded by Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, a remarkable woman who has devoted her life to helping animals. She was born in a small village about two hours north of Chang Mai and it was there that she got her start caring for animals. Her grandfather was a traditional healer and not only did people come to him for treatment, but they sometimes brought sick or injured animals. Lek’s decades of hard work on behalf of elephants and other animals has won her worldwide recognition.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a really touching interaction between Lek and one of the park’s elephants. At first you might wonder what’s going on: she seems to be swatting at the elephant with a piece of cloth. Is she actually being mean to the elephant? Hypnotizing it? Casting a spell? The elephant doesn’t seem to mind, nor do any of the other elephants nearby. The elephant circles around and then lies down on the ground. If a spell was involved, now is when the magic begins. Lek helps the elephant get to sleep by singing a tender lullaby! It’s a really beautiful moment and the elephant’s snoring is absolutely adorable.

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