Amazing Little Girl Sings To Kathie Lee Gifford After The Passing Of Her Husband, It’s A TEARFUL!

You’ve probably already heard of Heavenly Joy, the amazing little singer who has charmed America’s heart with her beautiful performances on television and her adorable persona. When she heard about Kathie Lee Gifford’s grief for her passed beloved husband, she decided to do a little something to cheer her up and help her get through this immense pain. While the whole moment should have been very emotional for Gifford, it’s great that she had the opportunity to feel a little bit of happiness and hope amidst all of that pain. This beautiful moment put me in tears!

Thousands of people gave their condolences to Kathie Lee after knowing of this sad news, and Heavenly Joy was one of them, sending her a video of her singing a song to cheer her up and help her think of the good times. Her rendition of “This Little Light Of Mine” is so beautiful it’s almost enough to put me in tears! You have to see it for yourself. But the best part is after that, when she gets on the show personally to sing another fantastic song! This girl is too adorable for words to describe.

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