Amazing platform bed made with kitchen cabinets, helps people to save space.

If you ever had the opportunity of having a small size bedroom you must already know how difficult it is to locate and organize well all your stuff inside of the room. In these types situations a good repertory of different furniture can be very helpful but at the same time, you must make a perfect evaluation about how to avoid congesting the area and leaving it with no space to move around.

When you are short of space the best thing to do is going up, just like a growing city taking advantage of the vertical constructions like skyscrapers can be a practical solution to magnified the use of the space available. The same thing happens in your room if you have two kids and almost no space a great idea could be buying a bunk bed to make it more practical. When it comes to books a high shelf or a good ledge arrangement is also a good plan to order all your reading material and miscellaneous.

One of the biggest furniture businesses around the world is the company IKEA, with more than two hundred thousand employees and over four hundred locations the Swedish corporation became worldwide famous for their ready-to-assemble furniture concept. They are well known by their modern designs and eco-friendly simplicity, moreover than this their attention on cost control, operation details, and continuous research development allowed them to significantly lower the prices in comparison with the closest competitors.

Many people have created original arrangements to their houses by putting together IKEA products and transforming them into unique furniture. One day, a guy called Chris took the initiative to solve the space problem in the room of his daughter. With some regular tools and several IKEA kitchens cabinets, he managed to build a nice platform bed, through this technique he used the space under the bed to make a depot and storage all class of things, this is a good example of maximum storage within a minimal space.

He started by measuring the size of an ordinary mattress and making a diagram to know which type of cabinets he was going to use and how to locate them around the bed, with this information at hand he figured out that an amount of 7 cabinets was more than enough to do the project.

In the next step he assembled all the furniture but skipping the back panel in one of the cabinets, this will allow total access to all space beneath the bed once the full assembly is done. Then, he cut off and installed the framing boards behind the cabinets and in the walls, these serve as the main support for the logs under the mattress. After spacing equally all the transversal boards he secured the structure using the screws on both sides of the bed and in the middle section.
With all this finished the only things left was to put on top the mattress and adding a rubber surface to the stairs because without them it would be very slippery.

Voila! The result is a unique bed that combines functionality with efficiency. If you want to take a closer look at the instructions just click play on the video below. Don’t forget to share and comment on our section.