Amazing presentation makes Celine Dion bursts into tears

One of the greatest stars in the business of music is Celine Dion, her singing abilities and powerful voice are considered a huge influence for many generations of new artist around the world. With her degree of knowledge and enormous talent is probably one of the most difficult persons to impress with a performance, the famous celebrity Simon in the show America’s Got Talent looks like a small child compared to her in this aspect.

But if you think impressing her is an impossible task to achieve, you should watch the amazing interpretation of the artist Marc Martel during a television show with Celine. You must be wondering who is this guy right? Marc is a Canadian Christian rock star, he was born on November 16 of 1976 and from a very young age, his parents instilled a passionate love for the music. In college he formed a band with his roommate and closest friends, after singing several years with them he decided to try his luck and go on a solo career.

During a television show on Radio Canada TV, he made a special presentation that will be remembered for a very long time, this was the key point that allowed him to become a really famous artist. Celine Dion was on the show and had made a special request that didn’t imagine it would come true. When the music started to play and the first notes were tuned by the singer she heard an incredibly familiar voice but the first thought is that it couldn’t be possible as the author of this particular theme passed away a long time ago.

As the smoke slowly clears away and the lights point to the scenario the figure of the mysterious man is revealed. From the minute Marc appears Celine and the whole crowd is immediately astonished by his performance, it turns out that Marc has been blessed with a voice that sounds exactly like the legend of rock Freddie Mercury. It was unbelievable, the song chosen by Celine was “Somebody To Love” and he wasn’t just imitating Freddie he showed a very complex and wide vocal range.

Even the official drummer from Queen made an excellent review about him, praising his voice and singer skills. The voice is so similar that if you close your eyes you wouldn’t notice any difference, is like the spirit of Freddie was reincarnated in him and there is no better person than Celine to tell how difficult this is, Marc’s music has allowed enjoying once again some of the best songs of Freddie.

If you want to see the full video of this amazing presentation just click play on the video below and enjoy the Celine Dion’s reaction. Don’t forget to share and leave your comment in our section.