Amazing Recue Of A Tiny Shih Tzu Abandoned At Sea! Wow!

Animal Rescue stories are uplifting and motivating, they shine a ray of hope for the inherent kindness present in human kind as a whole.  The selflessness that motivates this sort of efforts instills us to apply it to our everyday life. Especially when we see fellow human beings reaching out to other species with no barriers  or frills.  There is a plethora of videos online that cover this subject; however amongst them sometimes you come across a story that leaves you speechless.

The following story is a perfect example of this. A man on his paddle board in Herne Bay (off the coast of Kent in England) ended up getting a much bigger adventure than he set out expecting: Charlie Head was paddling along when he spotted something strange in the distance and decided to investigate.

He was shocked to see a tiny, soaked puppy on top of rocks in the middle of the water, several hundred feet from the shore.  As he got closer he saw the little Shih Tzu,  trembling and absolutely terrified, he must have gotten stuck on top of the rocks as the tide was coming in and simply wasn’t able to star swimming back to shore.

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