This Amazing Reservation Lets Horses Run Free And Help People Through Therapy! They’re INCREDIBLE!

Whether you believe in holistic therapy or not, there’s no denying that the relationship between a person and an animal can reach very deep levels, and the way these creatures can affect us and make us feel better again is truly wonderful. We can see clear evidence of it working in the video featured right below! It shows us the facility of Equinsity Retreats, and the work that they do is just mind blowing. Even though some people are skeptic of it, the patients themselves are in love with the treatment, and swear by it without any hesitation.

This estate has over 300 acres of space for the horses to live freely in, and they have been bred to love humans and coexist with them in perfect harmony. They help the patients treat their problems, and live as free animals without any mistreatment or danger. They are all very friendly towards humans and are very fond of cuddling with them and giving them all the love they can. The clip below is a teaser for a movie called “One With The Herd”, which was shown on the Equus Film Festival back in 2015.

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