Amazing Texas Rescue Group Saved THIS Many Pups And Flew Them Across The World! AMAZING!

Today, there are thousands of stray animals living without a home, surviving in the streets or in the wilderness by themselves. Thankfully, there are also many organizations and institutions that work very hard to help animals in need all around the world. But to help those shelters keep getting the job done, adoptions have to be made for the rescued pups who are on their way of getting a second chance at a happy life. And if you need any proof that adopting rescuing animals can be beautiful, you can watch the video right below to convince yourself.

In Turkey, there’s an especially common breed of dog that can be found living in the streets in the bigger cities, like Ankara and Istambul. Golden retrievers got extremely popular about ten years ago in this particular country, but their popularity faded as quickly as it came, and they were abandoned in the streets massively shortly after. An animal voluntary group called Gold Ribbon Rescue became aware of this, and decided to gather a lot of money to fly those dogs across the world to give them a second chance in the States. Despite the expensive nature of the endeavor, this kind group managed to give them all a new home!

Enjoy this sweet story in the clip below!

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