An American tourist took a sunrise stroll and stumbled upon a bloody sea turtle on her back. She was motionless—until…

Cyril, Oklahoma’s Steve Booker was taking in the early morning sand and surf in Cozumel, Mexico, when he spotted something odd in the distance. Sprawled beneath an overpass lay a huge sea turtle on her back with blood pouring out of her nose.

Steve presumed her to be dead and inched closer to her. Then he saw her open her dazed eyes as though approaching death’s door. His next bold move left the world praising him.

He figured the seat turtle had tumbled off the road over him. In addition to the bloody nose she had suffered an additional injury that wrenched Steve’ heart. Steve was troubled and couldn’t bring himself to just walk away. Without a second thought he eased her onto her belly—and discovered that her shell was cracked.

It was incredible that she was still clinging desperately to life. Steve took a seat in the sand next to her and waited faithfully while the turtle reoriented herself and ambled slowly toward the surf. With Steve’s intervention, she was now on the road to recovery.

Slowly and steadily, she made it to the water’s edge and crept into the sea, disappearing beneath the waves.

Steve went back to hotel room and uploaded the video to the Internet, eager for all the world to experience his profoundly moving morning rescue.

Many would have likely snapped a shot of the injured turtle and continued on their way. Her ultimate fate will remain a mystery but here’s to her having a long and happy life.

Click below to see Steve’s inspiring video.