America’s 109-Year-Old WWII Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile

Oldest living WW2 veteran summarizes the fundamental essence of life like no one has done before.

This is a short video created by National Geographic of an interview held with the eldest living WW2 veteran, Richard Arvin Overton of Texas, USA, at the age of 109. The old man, still walking talking and driving, as he puts it himself, has indeed a very precious outlook on life, from which most of us can learn.

Do not miss the opportunity to watch one of the most endearing, heartwarming and educational interviews about the fundamental essence of life, which you will find anywhere on the Internet. There are many interviews with people who grew to be quite old; this is, however, one in a million, where one can take the oldtimer’s outlook of life and can physically see how it helped him in reaching this advanced age.

og1 America’s 109-Year-Old WWII Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile

In his own words, he exclaims that he doesn’t know why God is keeping him here. Very early in the interview, he states his relationship ship with God as: “I ain’t talk to Him, and he ain’t talk to me”. But as his conversation progress, one finds a deeply rooted trust in the Almighty which has protected him throughout the biggest world war the earth right up to this day.

“It’s good to have a spiritual life, but you have to live it”, is undoubtedly one of his two most essential pieces of advice, one can take to heart. The other, one derives from his constant referral for his reason for doing certain things in his life, which is “it makes me feel good”.