Foster father of 6 sings a moving tribute to his children, and it has a secret message

The world has been waiting two whole months just for these 3 amazing minutes and it was absolutely worth the wait!

It says something when Simon Cowell, the man known for having a hair trigger and for being one of the oldest personalities in television history, was already close to breaking down sobbing after this guy’s performance.

I mean, Susan Boyle, he never cried. Kelly Clarkson, he never cried. Carrie Underwood never cried. But for THIS guy you’re about to watch. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about now. You’re about to watch something powerful, a once-in-a-lifetime talent.

When Michael Ketterer first appeared on America’s Got Talen he took the world by storm, not just because of his outstanding voice, but also because of his incredible personal story and background: Michael is a pediatric nurse, youth minister, singer, songwriter, and father of 6, including a special needs child. Yes, men like Michael Ketterer do exist.

WATCH Father of 6 foster children sings “To Love Somebody” and gets Simon’s Golden Buzzer

So we had to wait almost two months after Michael Ketterer earned the Golden Buzzer back in June before we could hear him again and man, was it worth the wait.

This time around he sings James Bay’s “Us” — which has a powerful message he wants his children to take home. I won’t spoil it for you. Watch and listen to his inspirational performance.

Even I got emotional from watching him perform. To make Simon cry is quite a serious thing to do, and that really shows how amazing Michael really is.

I can agree with Mel that his voice isn’t perfect, but that is what makes him so unique is his different style of voice. I absolutely love Michael. Win or lose, he will definitely go far in life with his voice. Win or lose the show it’s obvious Michael has a life ahead of him. Micheal thanks for just being a great person, you are God’s gift.

Watch Michael Ketterer’s artful performance below and pass it along to a friend. Michael’s message is for everyone to hear, and hear it they must! Please share and enjoy, friends.