Man suddenly appears out of thin air, baffling ‘America’s Got Talent’ judges (and me, too)

It’s an act that is generating a lot of buzz and headlines: “That’s NOT possible!” “Illusionist Does REAL MAGIC! NO WAY!” “He must have a twin…”

It is an incredible trick.  But no matter how much I watch it, I can not see how he did it. I’ve seen a lot of “magic tricks” before and they seldom impress me, but this one? WHOA. You have my attention now. And the LIVE streaming addition was a really creative idea. Starting out with an audition like this leaves a lot of possibilities for his next trick.

Renowned Oklahoma illusionist Rob Lake amazed the crowd and the shocked the judges during his audition on”America’s Got Talent,” where he performed a perplexing magic act that won him four “yes” votes on the much-anticipated show.

“I’ve been preparing my entire life for this moment, that’s how much this means to me,” the Norman native told the judges as he began his elaborate audition.

The illusionist appeared on stage, dashing and debonaire as magicians do along with his lovely and beautiful assistant. What started out next can only be seen to be believed. There’s no way to describe it, but I’ll try. I can barely remember anything considering my jaw was on the floor the whole time.

Lake began by throwing Frisbees out into the crowd to get the help of random volunteers to be with the illusionist onstage as his eyewitnesses. He also obtained the support of the show’s host, the lovely Tyra Banks along with an “official” from the panel: judge Heidi Klum. Now they, too, could monitor and observe the act closely — but then Lake left the stage – and the theater entirely quite unexpectedly.

“This way, no one can think I’m trying to fool the people on stage – to make it even more impossible,” Lake’s voice intoned over the loudspeakers. Then he resumed the act from his smartphone backstage by live-streaming everything. He also instructed volunteers to stand behind and sit beneath the platform to behold the magic.

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The illusionist assistants handed Tyra and Hedi a curtain and on the count of three, Lake disappeared from everyone’s screens and appeared suddenly inside the curtain to the absolute shock of the judges. The audience was stunned. The emotion transcended the screens and we could all feel it. This was an amazing moment in “AGT” history and all the judges concurred:

Heidi: “I don’t know what happened. Usually, when people disappear you see there’s like a table is a little bit thick so you kind of figure they fit into the table. I looked underneath and there’s nothing underneath. I mean, wow. I loved it.”

Mel B: “You’re very good. If I was to give you any criticism it would be your presentation. But apart from that, I loved it because that is magic and I believe in magic.”

Simon Cowell: “You have magic powers. You do, you have them. This is exactly what you should be doing. It was very unique. It was a great addition, well done.”

Howie: “Not everyone can do what you did and that deserves your first yes.”

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It is a good trick without question. I applaud this man. The manner in which he prepared for the trick was masterful to leave little doubt of him “appearing” out of thin air. But no matter how much I watch it, I can not see how he did it. My literal best guess is that the guy has a twin brother!