America’s Got Talent Singer Kodi Lee Performs ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

Winner of America’s Got Talent – Blind and Autistic Kodi Lee – Tells Us All About Traveling Across the “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Which are a first in so many ways, singer and pianist, Kodi Lee is not only the first blind winner of any of the “… Got Talent” series, he is also the first autistic person to reach the number one position in any of them. A well deserved double whammy for disabled people in general and performers specifically.

From his very first performance, where he blew both the audience and the judges away, earning himself the golden buzzer, it was clear that this performer is in a class of his own. In his final performances, he still kept the audience mesmerized, performing a heartwarming rendition of “You Are The Reason” with Leona Lewis. His other performance in the final, “Lost Without You” by Freya Ridings, was obviously equally well received.

Considering all the drawbacks Kodi had to overcome to just have reached America’s Got Talent stage is already beyond most people’s comprehension. Conquering not one, but two disabilities, the one compacting the other, makes this feat even so much more one of the greatest achievements one can hope to witness in your lifetime.

Kodi’s most appropriate performance, considering what he had to conquer to create this absolutely fairytale ending of the 2019 show possible, was one of his quarter-final performance, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. The song forever young song from the iconic due, Simon and Garfunkel. Singing as though he knew and felt every emotion personally locked up in the song, which he definitely does, got audience and crowd alike on their feet in appreciative applause.

Congratulations Kodi Lee, may you be an inspiration to both people with and without disabilities, to show what can be done, if you put your heart into it!

America’s Got Talent Singer Kodi Lee Performs ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’