Amira Wilighagen’s live performance of ‘Caruso’ shows her truly angelic voice

Amira Wilighagen singing ‘Caruso’

A piano player wearing a slick black suit started to play the keys of the Steinway & Sons piano, but he was not the leading performer. Standing beside the piano was Amira Wilighagen.

Amira wore a stunning red dress, and a spotlight illuminated her. There was an arrangement of roses and lit candles set up behind her on the stage. It was a beautiful scene.

She sang ‘Caruso.’ It was a song written in 1986 by the Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla. Lucio dedicated it to Enrico Caruso. Amira sang it as part of her streaming concert ‘Dream with me.’

Amira Wilighagen singing ‘Caruso’

The air seemed to wrap around Amira as she sang with her powerful and angelic voice. Everything came under her mesmerizing spell. The piano was melancholic, and she was unwavering.

Her voice was passionate and thoughtful. Amira takes you on a journey with her performance, and she doesn’t miss a single note. The candles behind her dance with delight.

During her performance, she hits notes that even most professionals would have trouble reaching. Her singing is effortless and practiced. Now and then, she flashes a smile.

After she hits the last note of the song, the light fades away. The silence settles as the amazing feeling of her performance continues to reverberate in the air.

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