14-Year-Old With the Voice and Heart of an Angel Takes Over the Internet

Amira Willighagen needs no introduction, but it’s a pleasure to do so because the world needs to hear this angelic voice far and wide…

This 14-year-old Norewiggen prodigy has captured hearts and minds online ever since she taught herself how to sing opera by watching Andreas Bocelli YouTube videos.

That’s where Amira Willighagen got her start and since then she’s been growing up on dozens on talent and variety shows all over the world, notably on The Voice and ‘Got Talent franchises where she stunned judges and audiences alike with her spine-tingling, pitch-perfect performances every single time.

It’s also well known that Amira (which means “Princess”) not only has a golden voice, she also has a heart of gold as well: She donates half of her income to homeless children charities. That’s right. Half. I think we all wish we could afford to be as generous as this astounding little girl who not only shares her wealth, but also shares her heavenly voice with us.

The video you’re about to watch is from one of Amira’s lesser-known performances closer to home. Here she sings at a public concert in Steenbergen which is a picturesque little town of just under 25,000 souls who come together to host numerous concerts and festivals such as the one where Amira has graced everyone with not just her appearance, but her angelic voice.

As I watched the video I felt transported by this her amazing vocals into the audience with the gentle people of Steenbergen. It was a magical night to be there for sure. I was sad it ended, but blessed I could experience over and over again.

As was mentioned, this video is relatively unknown still and frankly, every music publisher must be insanely jealous of Amira to give away all of this incredibly free music to the world (five amazing songs and just over 20 minutes of music.

Amira says she just likes to sing aria (and aria-type) opera songs, but it seems she’s not fully aware of the effect she’s had on so many people; a whole new world of sensational, emotional music. I never cared for opera. But my tastes have changed since listening so often to her amazing music here on Madly Odd.

This is a page you will want to share just so you can come back to it again and again because it truly is a treat to sit back and really soak in the music. Watch then please pass her video along to your friends. The world needs more of Amira Wellington’s beautiful voice.

14-Year-Old With the Voice and Heart of an Angel Takes Over the Internet