High School Girls Raise Eyebrows With Unexpected Twist!

High School Dance Team
I have seen many talented dancers and impressive dance routines that have garnered respect and a ton of views from around the world. Some of these performances have been so great that they have become etched in people’s minds.

There’s a dance group that has been going viral recently. They performed at the Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition in 2017. They are known as the Emerald Belles, and they put on a performance that raised quite a few eyebrows because of their challenging routine. Once you see the routine, you will agree that it takes a lot more than an amateur group to pull that off.

When the video starts, you see the large group of young girls take their place around the dance floor. Then, the song by The Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams,” starts to play. The dancers begin in several rows, dancing in perfect synchrony while holding on to each other’s shoulder.

Their performance caught the attention of admiration of the world with their incredible high-kick routine, so it wasn’t any surprise to use that the Emerald Belles got invited to perform on America’s Got Talent even. But first, let’s watch the performance that made them famous:

We knew these girls would go far…

Emerald Belles performs for the Dallas Mavericks

High School Girls Raise Eyebrows With Unexpected Twist!