An enchanting caped woman rides a horse into an arena and into the audiences’ hearts!

Do you remember when Disney’s “Frozen” came out in 2013? LOL. I still remember all the singing of that song that I heard. I heard a whole lot of it. There wouldn’t be a single household with children in North America that wouldn’t wake up to that tune. I don’t care what you did for a living, you might have been a banker, engineer, parent or whatever – everyone had that song on their lips or their minds.

Did you know that the song was translated into 41 different languages? I am not sure if this is some kind of record, but it sure made sense. Without intending to, it was this song that created the perfect entrance for Laura Sumrall’s participation at the Kentucky Reining Cup in Lexington. She said she had chosen this song because it was very powerful.

Laura was a student at Texas A&M University at the time of her competition. She could have never imagined that she will be leading all participants with her beautiful ice queen performance of “Frozen.” She even went so far as to do the whole Elsa outfit with long blonde braid included. Her performance was so good that it won her the World Championship Freestyle Title.

But how did she even come up with such a routine? She says she usually draws inspiration from many places. The song choice definitely was influenced by the trend in music than the song had caused. She said that once she selected the song, the wardrobe choice was easy. “I felt like a real Disney princess when I entered the arena, and what girl doesn’t like that feeling?” she said.

She starts her routine with the intro of the music hitting the speakers and riding her very well-trained horse into the arena. Laura is wearing a long cape with a hood that just added to the mystery and raised everyone’s expectations. Laura admits that the cape and hood added to the whole aura that could be felt on the evening of her performance.

She carried on with the elaborate choreography and with each movement Laura and her horse made, she took the audience on a journey as if she was telling a story. Laura thought it was all like a fairy tale to her. She didn’t even want it to end. Having that beautiful horse, the music, and the wardrobe was everything she could have ever wished for.

Everything that happened that evening made her exude confidence which helped her take home the championship. Today, you can also be witness to that magical story of a princess who won over the hearts of an entire audience, complete with a storybook ending!