An Excessive Love of Christmas Trees, by Arizona Woman

Jerri Fleck Has been collecting Christmas trees since the 1970s, and with the trees, she has a massive collection of ornaments as well. She has a tree in each of her rooms of the house, and in some rooms, there are several. All the trees are of the same color, only the ornaments differ.

She likes to decorate each tree differently with a theme. For example, she has one that she adorned with all things related to Star Wars. When Easter comes around, some trees are decorated with eggs and a star. Some trees remain decorated with lights and ornaments, while others with similar color lights.

This Arizona resident has a total of 106 trees in her house. You will not find two trees that have the same decor. Instead, each one has a different decoration on it throughout the year, according to a theme or festival. To decorate each tree it takes Jerri several days.