An excited ferret mother shows off her babies to a human

An excited mother couldn’t wait to show her offspring to a human. It is a short and sweet video about the joys of parenthood.

Fans of cute videos will get their fix with this masterpiece. Ferrets are furry little noodles that make great pets. Newborn ferrets are called kits, with a chance to birth over a dozen per litter.

The mother ferret gives equal attention to all of her kits, feeding and protecting them from harm. A curious guy decided to visit the kits but wasn’t sure where to look.

An excited mother ferret took him by the hand and led the human to the litter. After a few pets, he decided to leave. Not satisfied with the attention, the mother ferret once again pulled him back to the crib.

This happened every time he tried to move away from the crib. It was hilarious, and a good sign that the mother and her kits are spoiled.

Physical affection like this is the main reason people love having ferrets for pets. They’re the cutest and are as playful as dogs. Based on the video, the kits are in a great home that will provide a lifetime of love.

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An excited ferret mother shows off her babies to a human