An officer saves a drowning dog struggling to survive, and that wasn’t even the best part!

This case will show you that we can still find people with a great heart. Such is the case of a citizen of Michigan named Jennifer Pluta, who saw a dog in Lake Michigan and immediately called 911. That day, a dog was desperately paddling to stay afloat in the middle of the lake’s frozen waters. According to many people, the lake’s temperature was especially low that day.

If no one got to the dog on time, he would probably suffer from hypothermia and pass away. It was almost impossible for anyone to survive in such freezing waters for a long time. And the most difficult thing was that no one knew how long the dog had been in there. He was truly a very lucky dog that day to have been seen by Jennifer that day.

When Jennifer saw the poor dog, she became very anxious and started to call the dog to see if she could get his attention and get him to the shore. She would say, “Come here boy, come here,” and she was almost on the verge of jumping into the water herself to get him, but the good people from the Humane Society were already there to rescue the animal.

Fortunately, the brave dog survived, and rescuers took him to the vet, so he could be checked. They needed to make sure if he had sustained any serious injuries, or if he might have gotten sick. The vet took really good care of him and made sure the dog was okay. Jennifer mentioned that she was really worried about the dog’s well-being. This experience had also been traumatic for her, and she wanted to thank everyone involved in saving the pup’s life.

The dog was put up for adoption after only one week. The rescue center staff made sure to make the dog feel loved and appreciated in his week with them. It’s a very fortunate thing to still find people who would step up and do the right thing when it’s needed. Dogs are a very important element in our lives and the least we can do is take good care of them when we have the chance.

No one really knows how the dog had come to be in the frozen waters on that day, but what people think is that he was probably thrown there on purpose. It is very important that if there ever comes the day when someone is not able to take care of a dog or a cat, it is much better to take them to a shelter where a loving home can be found for them. Fortunately, this story that started in such a sad way, got to finish the right way!