An unusual product: Rose-tipped Cigarettes

Seems like rose petal tips would make these English cigarettes expensive since they were applied to the cigarettes by hand.

In the 1950s, red English rose petals were used to carefully make special tips for beautiful women’s cigarettes. Women hand-applied them to cigarettes in factories.

The cigarettes were made either by a large, automated machine that rolled the tobacco into one long tube to be cut or were hand-rolled.

The cigarettes had a gold tip. It was covered with hand-cut rectangles of red rose petals. A worker could roll up to 1200 a day.

The rose petal tipped cigarettes are no longer made. The hand application and the availability of roses made them too difficult to make and expensive.

Cigarettes have dropped in popularity over the years, but roses are still used to scent perfumes, candles, and soaps. Rose tipped cigarettes seem strange today.

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An unusual product: Rose-tipped Cigarettes