This Ancient Giant Tortoise Waited 184 YEARS For His First Very First Bubble Bath

What’s the longest time you’ve waited for a bath or a shower? We’d be willing to bet it was less than 184 years, by a long shot. There’s one animal, though, who went a very long time between baths.

Jonathan the giant tortoise is a heft 184 years old, and not long ago he got his first ever bath, at least in recorded history. He hails from St. Helena Island in South Atlantic, and is one of the oldest animals on earth.

Joe Hollins, one of his caretakers, posted a video on YouTube that featured Jonathan’s very first bath. A bucket of sudsy water, a soft brush, a loofah, and one rather ambivalent tortoise show up in the clip below.

Whether or not Jonathan enjoyed his bath, you can definitely tell it did it’s job. The sponge literally scrapes off years of dirt. Once the grime has been wiped away, what’s left is one very old, very clean tortoise.

Watch a clip of Jonathan’s nearly hour long bath in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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