Ancient Tiny Homes Will Amaze You, Look Inside An Iron Age Roundhouse

2000-Years ago, the world was indeed a different place, but what is remarkably inspiring to muse is how people lived during this pivotal period in history. Tiny Homes of the ancient world were just as innovative and extremely popular at one stage.

These Celtic Iron Age roundhouses are the perfect example of tiny homes from the ancient world. Castell Hennllys has stood for 2500 years, but the condition of these 13-foot tall abodes is remarkably well preserved, giving us a look at the outstanding design & engineering.

The downsized architecture of the ancient world couldn’t be better highlighted than by these ancient roundhouses. The fort is situated in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and was so expertly constructed that it and the surrounding homes are in fantastic condition.

You’ll be blown away by both the construction and innovation of these homes of the ancient world. The video takes one on a wonderful journey that has you mesmerized from start to finish.