Andie was tied and bound, what happens to the 10 week old puppy is heartwarming!

When you are small and young, you may have big dreams and hopes about the world. You may have ideas that you want to transcend time. The downside to being young and small, while precious, is other people. You’re pretty much at the mercy of others, hoping they have the ability to control themselves. To be humble and peaceful, because being small makes you slightly vulnerable to bully or predators.

Yet, sometimes someone even closer can let you down or weigh you down and leave you there, just abandoned with the hope that someone will come along. That someone will find in themselves the kindness to help you, and the steady hand to help. The strong should look out for those who aren’t fully grown or developed yet. At least, in my humble opinion, but wish on a fish or star, right? Something along those lines.

This tiny little babe begs for help, after being weighed down by chains and left, all alone. When Andie meets his savior, who makes sure he is well, the resulting reaction is priceless. It takes all kinds, but lending a helping hand when it’s needed shows great pride and empathy for others. The lengths that some people go to can really bring you down. Yet, after seeing Andie’s smiling face, I’m sure things will be a lot better. I think the proof can be found in the most obvious place of all- Andie’s adorable, cute little face!

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