Andrea Bocelli joins renowned violinist David Garrett on beautiful ‘Ave Maria’

David Garrett is known for his fantastic violin playing. When you couple his skills with one of the most renowned singers in the world, you have a real musical treat! Andrea Bocelli joins David for the all-time classic ‘Ave Maria.’

The performance involves the two men in their own separate recording studios. David has his violin and is wearing a tuxedo as he plays. Andrea starts to sing, wearing a tuxedo as well.

Their two videos come together from across the world to make one beautiful melody. They both deliver the masterpiece with emotion and passion. The result is one of the most beautiful renditions ever.

David Garrett is a German classical violinist and recording artist. It is no surprise that he loves the music of Franz Schubert. The composer, who only lived to age 31, composed over 600 Lieder (the German word for ‘song’).

Perhaps Schubert’s most famous song is ‘Ave Maria.’ The tune from Schubert’s ‘Ellens Dritter Gesang’ has become one of the most performed and recorded songs in music history.

The song was initially composed of the words from the poem ‘The Lady of the Lake,’ but since it started with the words ‘Ave Maria,’ it was altered to fit the words of the Roman Catholic prayer.

Andrea and David are the perfect duo to give this song the ideal setting. Their care and attention to detail make this rendition stand out. The song has been performed over the years by Pavarotti, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and even Frank Sinatra.

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Andrea Bocelli joins renowned violinist David Garrett on beautiful ‘Ave Maria’