Andrea Bocelli and Lei Jia sing ‘Forever You and Me’

Andrea Bocelli and Lei Jia

The voice of Andrea Bocelli is renowned across the globe. In this performance video, he is joined by the great soprano Lei Jia and pianist Lang Lang to deliver an epic song, ‘Forever You and Me’ for the Winter Olympics.

Man skiing down a mountain

The video starts with a panoramic shot of skiing down a mountain. This leads to Lei Jia starting the vocals dressed in a beautiful white gown, perfectly complimenting Bocelli’s tuxedo with a vest.

The music begins in a quiet and beautiful passage that sounds like a lullaby. The Chinese lyrics are very catchy, even without translated words. Thankfully, Bocelli answers Lei Jia’s opening verses with their English counterpart for those who don’t speak Chinese.

Andrea Bocelli

The song progresses from whimsical bells and piano to full orchestra. As more beautiful pictures of Beijing are mixed into the video, the song builds in volume and power.

The two singers stand in front of Lang Lang’s grand piano, featured prominently midway through the song. Clips of Olympians are mixed in, highlighting the emotion of the games.

Lei Jia

The majesty of the chorus is undeniable, and the combination of Chinese and English lyrics helps unify the message. The song heads toward its epic conclusion and crescendos only to drop in volume for a touching ending.

Anytime Andrea Bocelli sings, the listener can expect a swell of emotion. The addition of the Olympic footage and the celebration of team spirit makes this performance even more poignant.

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