Andy Griffith teaches common sense – and that’s why you call it wholesome TV

This condensed episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” begins at the filling station, where Sheriff Andy is visiting. He’s soon approached by two men: Mr. Carter (a local business owner) and Jimmy.

Mr. Carter tells Andy that Jimmy has stolen a car battery from him and demands that Jimmy be arrested. Jimmy protests, explaining that he had damaged the battery and thrown it away, not stolen it.

Sheriff Andy decided not to arrest Jimmy, to the dismay of Mr. Carter. Instead, Andy refers Jimmy to the station worker Gomer, who is backlogged on work & could use some help.

The next day at the police station, Gomer runs in and explains that he has a problem: his new tool set has gone missing, and Jimmy was the one who locked up last night! Andy can’t ignore this suspicious action, so he goes to question Jimmy.

Jimmy’s demeanor seems innocent, so Andy doesn’t mention the stolen tools. Instead, he goes back to the station. Barney doesn’t understand why he didn’t arrest him, but the Sheriff explains that he’s set a trap for the thief.

Barney goes to the filling station to pull an all-night stakeout. While he’s chatting with Gomer, talking about how he didn’t think the thief would show up, we can see hands stealing items in the background.

To the law, it seems like Jimmy is guilty. After receiving a call that someone was seen at the station during the night, Andy and Barney head to investigate the disturbance.

Seeing Jimmy busy connecting car batteries to the cash register, they go to arrest him before he blows it up. However, they suddenly hear a scream, and all rush into the next room.

Who’s the thief? It’s Prothro Hanson! While Barney drags the stunned Prothro off, Andy congratulates Jimmy on his brilliant idea. Case closed!

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