An Angel Spread Her Wings, But When The Horse Did THIS, I Was In Shock!

Sandra Beaulieu has dedicated her entire life to making beautiful and entrancing choreographies that include her own horses. In the following video, you’ll witness the powerful bond that she has developed with her majestic equine friends, and after you see how she incorporates the horses into the dance, you won’t be able to stop watching the video.

She has made the effort to combine the two greatest passions that she has in her life: music, and horse riding. She actually rides using as little aid as possible, and she can do it thanks to her 15 years of training riding horses of every kind, every size, and every temperament that you could imagine. With her experience, she has been able to create fantastic performances.

Sandra is able to perform this way thanks to the careful and loving way that she has trained them. She tries to make the whole experience as pleasant to the horses as it is to her, and she does this by connecting with them and riding them with the most comfortable alternatives to horse brides, or sometimes even riding bareback.

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