Little girl burns down the house with “GIRL ON FIRE”, brings audience to their feet with incredible high notes

This little girl’s incredible story is as inspirational and powerful as her voice. Against all odds, Angelica Hale is here, sharing her gifts with the world and the world is a better place because of it.

This little girl’s incredible story is as inspirational and powerful as her voice. “Girl On Fire”, the Alicia Keys song performed by Angela Hale in this “America’s Got Talent” video, could easily be the review of her performance as well. 9-year-old Hale burned the house down with this impressive rendition.

Looking at the tiny 4-foot frame of this adorable Filipino-American girl from Atlanta Georgia, you have to wonder where she hides those big pipes?

As her parents watch proudly from the audience, Angelica took to the stage in a cute pink dress with matching hair bow, white denim vest, and purple-laced sneakers. The facade of just an ordinary 9-year-old girl, was quickly stripped away when Hale opened her mouth and began belting out the tune. Guest judge Chris Hardwick, who hadn’t seen her spectacular audition, was shocked by the vocal ability of this little dynamo.

You can see it all over his face, watch for his reaction. Hale’s amazing voice left Hardwick so absolutely stunned that he awarded her the coveted Golden Buzzer for this performance.

The song was a great choice, and holds a special meaning for Angelica, as a little girl who has already fought back against some big challenges.

This video gives us an all-access pass behind the scenes and backstage at America’s favorite talent competition. We get the chance to get up close & personal with this inspiring young girl and hear her story, in her own words.

In a candid moment with Angelica, she opens up and shares, “Singing has got me through lots of hard things in my life”.

At the age of 4, Angelica got very sick. She was diagnosed with a severe case of bacterial pneumonia. Septic shock set in and caused organ failure, destroying her kidneys. Hale’s parents were beside themselves, as their precious baby girl laid in the hospital, hooked up to life support.

Then word came that Angelica’s own mother, Eva, was the perfect match for the kidney transplant that could save her life. After 3 months of fighting for her life, Angelica was able to return home and was given the chance to grow up, healthy and happy.

Beaming with pride, Hale’s father shares, “Just to survive the medical ordeal that she had to go through and now here she is, competing in America’s Got Talent. This is amazing!”

Angelica now uses her powerful voice for a purpose. Performing at fundraisers and using her talent to raise awareness, this impressive young girl is giving back to the same programs that helped save her life only a few short years ago; charitable organizations such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the National Kidney Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network.

One stunned fan on YouTube queried, “How did that voice come out of that little girl? She’s amazing!”, while another exclaimed, “This girl is on fire! She surely loves singing, you can feel her passion & emotion instantly! That is so rare!”.

See the performance that made TV’s Chris Hardwick award this shining star the Golden Buzzer. After you’re through watching, you’ll be saying this girl is on fire too!

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