Angry little dog has some big talk after he’s given a bath

Even dogs who love a dip in the water have a way of preferring that it be on their terms. A dog that will joyously go dashing into a lake at a park might not appreciate a sudden session in the bathtub. And then there are those dogs who don’t ever enjoy a swim. They really don’t like the idea of a bath.

There are some ways to coax a reluctant pooch into the bathtub. Generating positive associations is the oldest trick in the book. You might put the dog in an empty tub and simultaneously give them a treat, toy, and/or affection. Maybe you’ll soon be able to introduce some warm water into the picture without too much fuss. Being careful not to get water in a dog’s ears can make bath time much less unpleasant. Using a dog-friendly shampoo is a good idea, too.

People often wish their dogs could talk. There would be obvious practical benefits, but it would surely be very funny. Just imagine a dog telling you all about his day or consider the profound (or totally loony) things a dog might have to say about life in general. For better or worse, dogs can’t talk but that didn’t stop one doggy dad from putting words in his furry friend’s mouth. He probably wasn’t too far off the mark, either.

Oakley the dog had just gotten a bath and he wasn’t happy about it. As you’ll see in the video posted below, he was going on a physical and, thanks to the miracle of dubbing, verbal rampage. He’s a small dog but talks tough: “How would you like a bath? Come and get yours!” There’s also a dose of self-pity: “You don’t know what it’s like. You’re not a dog.”

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