In This Animal Center, Veterans With PTSD Receive Therapy Alongside Wolf Companions! WOW

Post-traumatic stress disorder is condition that people suffer after living through moments of extreme shock and emotions, and people usually have it after living through very difficult or harmful events, which end up leaving them with emotional scars. It’s something that requires a lot of patience and understanding, because you can never know what the person truly went through, you can only imagine it. Thankfully, there are many kinds of therapies given by health organizations all over the world, and animal therapy is one that is very effective on patients with PTSD. The video below is from an organization that offers animal therapy with wolves, and it’s made specifically for people with emotional trauma.

The name of this therapy is Warriors and Wolves, and it’s offered and practiced at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, down in Lockwood Valley, CA. The people working in the facility made the program specifically for veterans, so that wolves that were rescued from terrible conditions could get better alongside the scarred humans, and it’s as touching as you can imagine. They accomplish this great task by working with over 40 wolves that were rescued by this animal center, and they’re as friendly as puppies with their human partners. It’s a sight to behold, for sure!

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