Animal Conservationist Patrols His Estate. He Opens Cage And Two ADORABLE Animals Spill Out.

There are few people that I loathe in the world more than those who take innocent animals from their natural habitat and sell them on the black market. The same also goes for poachers who kill certain animals for their supposed medicinal properties… which has been proven as bogus. The problem is that some of these animals have been brought to the brink of extinction by these activities. Fortunately, the animals that we see here aren’t facing that dire situation… but they are so darn cute.

We see a conservationist named Frank Cuesta. What he does is rescue animals that have been poached for the black market. When I saw his name for the first time, I was struck by its similarity to a comic book character – Frank Castle, the Punisher. Cuesta doesn’t have a form-fitting top that has a large white skull on the front, so that’s where the similarities end. He also uses non-lethal ways to get these animals into his care.

Frank is walking around his estate, where he has a lot of animals in cages. It’s feeding time and he opens up one of the cages. Two incredibly adorable otter pups spill out, making the cutest squeaking noises you’ll ever hear. Frank is talking to the cameraman, though the language is in Spanish, one that I am decidedly not fluent in at all. The subtitles are in French, so that was even less helpful. Still, judging by the tone of his voice, he adores these animals.

At one point, he goes into a shed, where he pulls out food and puts them into containers. Still speaking to the camera, he walks over and puts the two bowls onto the ground, where the baby otters start gulping down their sustenance. It’s a good thing that there are people like Frank in this world. Whatever the language that he speaks, the only one that matters is the one from his heart.

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