Animal Planet’s Adorable Resident Cat Greets Terrier Puppies in New Home

Adorable Cat and Puppies

These adorable Carin Terrier puppies are just weeks old and only 14 ounces. Proud mom, Hershey, had a litter of four girls and two boys. Carin Terriers have brindle-colored coats at birth that transform colors as they get older.

Adorable Cat

Curious kitty, Geronimo, comes to see what all the fuss is about, and baby Doogie catches a whiff of him. A few weeks later, Doogie gets a whiff of him again and tries to find him. Geronimo isn’t interested in making any new friends. Lucky for Geronimo, he can get away and escape to higher objects that Bandit can’t reach just yet,

Adorable Cat and Puppies

Roxy the Samoyed had seven pristine white puppies. Missy, Prissy, Frosty, Pearl, Ivory, Snowflake, and Bandit. Bandit gets a glimpse of dirty fur and dreams of having it one day. His dad Major stops by to check on the puppies while Roxy is away.

Adorable Puppies

Major has been playing in the mud. Sister Pearl helps mom out and keeps Bandit clean when she can. Once mom returns, she insists dad go back outside and wash off while she cleans up the mess he made. Bandit howls for attention while Pearl can’t stand the sight of the mess her dad left.

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Animal Planet\'s Adorable Resident Cat Greets Terrier Puppies in New Home