Animal Rescue Group Answered One Of Their Tougher Calls. You Won’t BELIEVE The Pup They Found!

If you’ve seen more videos in this website, or even if you’re just a dog lover, you probably have seen one of Hope For Paws’s amazing dog rescue videos by now. They are one of the most hardworking and dedicated animal rescue institutions known in the United States. They help save dogs from the worst conditions ever, and give them a chance to live a happy life again. In the following clip, you can see them dealing with a very difficult case, when they rescued a pup named Iris.

They answered a call from a citizen who reported a stray dog living nearby who almost never comes out of his hiding place. She seems to be pregnant, so it’s essential for them to save her as quickly as possible. Animal rescues like these are tricky, because the dogs have become so scared of humans that they can’t just walk up to her without making her run away. When they managed to get to her, they saw the reason she was so defensive: she had already delivered 3 adorable puppies! They all were able to recover and eventually find shelter to wait for their forever home.

Isn’t this story amazing? Watch it in the video right below!

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