This Animal Shelter Made An Amazing Parody Of “Uptown Funk”. You’ll Fall In LOVE With These Pups!

Popular music always has a way of enchanting people and pulling them together. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy music, and as we’ve seen in many examples before, animals are no exception. Last year, Bruno Mars released his very popular hit song “Uptown Funk”, and it put the entire world to dance. The video below features a very peculiar version of this catchy tune, but the ones who star in it? You’re not going to believe your eyes when you see them!

There’s an animal shelter called East Bay SPCA, one of the very oldest, and they recorded this amazing video right at the shelter, making a parody of the popular song we mentioned below, now aptly named “Oaktown Pup”, featuring the rescued dogs and the shelter staff. They made it to raise awareness and to help these adorable pups find a new forever home. In the clip, you’ll be able to hear a remixed version of the song, with the lyrics changed so that they promote pet safety and care, and adoptions from animal shelters. You’ll want to adopt all of them after you see the video yourself!

Watch this fun video right below! Isn’t it just catchy? Tell us what you thought in the comment section under the video!

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