This Animals Were Just Playing Around. But When You See Who Else Is With Them? It’s Hilarious!

As we’ve seen proven many times before, dogs are probably the friendliest creature on Earth. Horses can easily come in place right behind them, due to their calm and cool nature. Here, we have shown you videos of dogs and horses being friendly with humans, but I bet you’ve never seen something like the moment featured on this video! You won’t be able to avoid cracking up when you see this funny group in action. Who thought they could get along that well?

In the clip we are about to show you now, you can see a man and two of his best animal friends, a dog, and a horse. But don’t be mistaken; they’re not just hanging out with each other, but rather lying on the ground rolling and playing around! They show them all get belly-up at the same time, and what they do next, after that? It’s just so adorable I cannot describe it! There’s nothing better than messing around with your friends without a worry in your head.

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