Anna Breytenbach May Have the Gift! When She Approaches Diablo with Only a Smile? Masterful!

Super powers- is it possible some people actually possess them? That question was taken to many extremes by a variety of people. Stan Lee is one good example with his Television Show that interviewed and tested many people for what is beyond the regular capabilities of the average homo sapien.
The term “super hero,” has been and still is a hotly discussed topic. There are many disagreements about the first super hero as well as what qualifies as a superhero.

Luckily! Anna’s “power” is a bit more applicable or rather easier to test or determine within a reasonable ratio of error. Most of the big cats seen are all living in their habitat- a haven where they can roam reasonably free, with other big cats to play with! Aww. Unfortunately, the caretakers of most of the big cats have taken to calling the least social cat they have, a black leopard, “Diablo.”

Anytime anyone approaches this big cats cage, snarling and anger and spit come flashing out. “Diablo” was unfortunately abused at his last place of captivity in Russia. As Anna digs deeper, she kind of paints a picture of how the poor cat feels. His name associated with doom and diabolical destruction has had quite an effect on the poor dear.

When Anna starts to work her “powers” she doesn’t seem too terribly impressive at first. She seems to use cold calling and empathy to get to the heart of what she subjectively feels the animal wants. I’m not saying she was right or wrong, however if she can facilitate change in the same manner as when she spoke and conveyed for “Diablo,” I’m all for it. Bridge the gap and bring us ALL closer to understanding each other, regardless of species or genus.

Man, this big angry cat is a huge softie. He just needed some love and relief and on some level, don’t we all? I louvered this article, if only for the close up of the cats. What were your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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