Ansel Adams Influenced And Changed Photography Forever!

It’s hard to get through life without seeing an Ansel Adams photograph. His dramatic black-and-white depictions of the natural world are a popular choice for home decor and museum exhibitions alike.

However, many people are unaware of the photographer’s remarkable accomplishments.

Although he worked as a portrait and commercial photographer to pay the bills throughout most of his career, Adams’ fine art photography was almost exclusively focused on nature. Even when he photographed people and towns, the settings tended to be rural and framed by stunning natural vistas.

His passion for the natural world was also reflected in his conservation efforts. He was actively involved with the Sierra Club and supported the establishment and expansion of many conservation areas.

Adams was also pivotal in the creation of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks by using his photographs to rally public support and testifying before Congress about the importance of preserving these special places. He was later commissioned by the National Parks Service to document their newly established parks and monuments.

Unlike most photographers, who often take dozens of shots to get that perfect one, Adams was famous for only taking two shots of any scene. He was also a pioneer in the dark room, where he often spent all day developing a single shot.

He developed the techniques of burning and dodging, which are still widely used today in order to accent certain areas of a photograph.

Ansel Adams was a master at capturing nature. Other photographers have been inspired by his work through the decades. Some hikers in Oregon discovered an intriguing artifact left behind by another nature photographer.

What do you think of how influential Ansel Adams has been to the world of photography? Where do you think photography would be without his influence? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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