Anxious Dog Awaits Return Of Mommy And Daddy. The Person Who Comforts Him? SO CUTE.

Dogs are usually terribly anxious when their mommies and daddies leave for the day. Even though this ritual usually occurs daily, they are convinced that this is the day that the parents have left FOR GOOD. So they sit at the door, anxiously awaiting their return. Sometimes, though, it’s good to have company nearby to help assuage the fear. Even if that company is barely as tall as the dog himself…

We see Burt, a black lab, looking out a window next to a door. Jack, a young boy of around two or three, is standing next to Burt, also gazing intently out the window. He knows that Burt is missing his parents, and he’s just trying to provide stoic company as the two wait. He even pats Burt on the neck several times, and the pooch seems to enjoy his company. The two continue to bond as the video ends.

Usually the animals are the ones doing the comforting of kids, not the other way around. It shows a remarkable amount of insight on the part of Jack to try to comfort Burt. Hopefully, they didn’t have to wait too long for the family to come back home. Jack probably had to go to the bathroom at some point and it would wind up getting awfully smelly otherwise. But the two will grow up as best buddies, that’s for sure.

There are few certainties in life, but I feel safe in declaring that this little guy is going to grow up to be a remarkable, empathetic, and just generally all-around nice guy. No… the kid in this video is NOT my son, but my son is also remarkably close in behavior to Jack. Who knows, maybe at some point, they might even meet in college or something. He’d probably tell him more stories about this dog.

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